The staff and people behind the scenes are truly remarkable for their dedication and patience, what's amazing are the students here, the goals they reach, accomplishments, and the hard work they put in to reach their goals with the support from LADACIN.

Dana S.

My son Christian has been with LADACIN since 2009. My husband and I are so proud to see how far he has come. He loves going every day and comes home with a smile. The teachers and staff are all amazing. We want to thank them for all their patience, dedication and most of all love for all the children. Go LADACIN!!

Patricia C.

My son Anthony looks forward to school every day. The teachers and staff are amazing. My son has flourished since being in this school. We absolutely love everyone.

Monica S.

A first-class school with a top-notch, incredibly loving staff!

Laurie L.

Very happy.... My son Deegan learned so much since starting at LADACIN in September 2013!! Definitely 5 stars.

Christine H.