Lehmann School and Schroth School

Lehmann School, Lakewood - Ocean County NJ
Schroth School, Wanamassa - Monmouth County NJ

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Our state approved private schools offer high quality education for children ages 3-21 with multiple physical and developmental disabilities. Since 1956 we have been providing an array of comprehensive services to address the whole child ensuring they discover and develop their unique strengths and abilities using all of the technology, supports and accommodations they require. We serve children throughout Monmouth and Ocean County and surrounding areas.

Support Services:

  • Speech Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • State of the Art Assistive Technology
  • Clinic Services

On-Site and Remote Educational Experiences:

  • Unique Learning System (ULS)
  • Common Core State Standards (CCSS)
  • Creative Curriculum
  • Art
  • Music
  • Physical Education

Educational Services

Transdiciplinary Model

Therapy Services

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Or  Contact us at:
Lisa Lerner Graul • Director of Children’s Programs – lgraul@ladacin.org
Roseatta Darcy • Principal, Lehmann School – rdarcy@ladacin.org
Amy Cerulo •  Principal, Schroth School – acerulo@ladacin.org


We offer a state approved, full day preschool program which follows The Creative Curriculum®, providing a strong link to the state-mandated PreSchool Learning Rubric. Our comprehensive program incorporates sensory, mobility, fine motor, social and thematic language/literacy experiences into the activities of the school day.

Also included are instructional and social integration with typically developing peers*, as well as weekly art, music, physical education, computer, and iPad training. Specialized feeding interventions, as well as a full spectrum of related services, are provided by highly experienced therapists using state of the art equipment and evidence based practices.  *Schroth School only


Elementary-Secondary Educational Programs


The curriculum is multi-sensory in nature. Each student’s educational, social, recreational and life skills are developed through the modalities that best match his/her learning profile. We support the functional use of augmentative and alternative communication systems and assistive technology all day, every day.

Our elementary through high school classes utilize Unique Learning System® (ULS) to address the rigorous demands of the Common Core State Standards® (CCSS). Unique provides the platform upon which our transdisciplinary teams build multi-sensory activities to address educational, social, recreational and life skills. Using Unique’s assessments, individual educational plans are created and addressed using other supplemental programs including Project Read, DT Trainer, Edmark Reading, Making Words, Touch Math, and Connecting Math Concepts.

Go to http://www.unique.n2y.com for more information.

News-2-You (http://news2you.n2y.com/), an adapted online periodical, is utilized to encourage literacy exposure, communication, and social skills while addressing current events in sports, government, science, pop culture and more.

Extended School Year (ESY)

An ESY is available for our students. Eligibility is determined by the student’s educational team as documented in the Individualized Education Plan. The ESY programs are approved by the NJDOE with funding typically provided by the referring local school district.

Certified teachers; physical, occupational and speech therapists; social workers, nurses; art, physical education and music teachers work together to prevent regression of previously taught skills through special educational, recreational, and social summer activities.