March is National Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month
Posted on 03/22/2021

March is National Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month

March is a month long celebration of Developmental Disabilities Awareness. Here are just a few of the inspiring success stories of the accomplishments and goals achieved by the Agency and those we serve.


LADACIN has been deeply affected by COVID-19. Our staff, teachers, practitioners and therapists had to adapt quickly to the ever-changing restrictions and safety protocols of the pandemic. Our Agency continues to rise, meeting these challenges while ensuring our babies, students and adults therapeutic and educational needs are met.


LADACIN Network’s Early Intervention Program (EI) provides early identification, evaluation, and comprehensive services for infants and toddlers showing signs of developmental disabilities or delays in Monmouth and Ocean Counties. The Agency’s Targeted Evaluation Team (TET) provides assessment for eligibility into the EI program in Monmouth County.


Our TET practitioners had to adjust to the restrictions and safety protocols of the current pandemic. LADACIN provided families a sanitized, private area for them to participate in evaluations for eligibility into the Early Intervention program. Moms and their children work with an in-person therapist while another therapist joins the sessions on a ZOOM platform, resulting in a successful evaluation of the children for the program.  

The Agency continues to help individuals with disabilities to reach their fullest potential and highest level of independence. When Colton began preschool with us, he was only able to take supported steps with the help of his teacher. Through continued support and encouragement he is now using a walker and can navigate the school building. He has even taken two independent steps on his own!

Throughout the pandemic, clinics are still being held to address clients’ issues. We were successful in the procurement of a much needed manual and power wheelchair for and adult client. Under the facilitation of our speech department, our dietician provided a virtual training to assist clients in addressing stressful eating to support health and wellness. Michelle, an adult client, found her current splint was no longer functioning. The Agency was able to set up a clinic visit and moved forward with the procurement process of obtaining a new one.