Give and Take Child Care and Preschool Center
Posted on 03/25/2021

Give and Take Child Care and Preschool Center

John came to LADACIN Network’s Give and Take Child Care and Prechool Center in May 2019 through a referral from our Early Intervention (EI) Program when he was two years old. He could not crawl or walk. Working in conjunction with our EI Program, he received multiple therapies and developmental intervention several times a week.

When we closed on March 16, 2020 due to COVID-19, John was just barely ready to take his first steps.

On our first day back in August of that year, John was smiling and ready to start school again. He remembered us!


In the seven months since we have re-opened, John now walks, climbs, and runs all over. He plays with other children and engages with them. He likes to paint. He loves music and is always humming his favorite song, “Itsy Bitsy Spider”. He feeds himself. He follows directions (when he wants to!) like other three year olds. The strides John has made are beyond wonderful. Our Early Intervention and Child Care staff, and of course, his mother, played a huge part in getting him where he is today.

The resilience and strength of John, a little boy who had, and has, many challenges to overcome is a child care success story, and one that is shared by John’s mom, Bridget: “LADACIN and its amazing staff have been such a huge part of my son’s growth and development. They are patient, educated and caring of all of his needs. Without their hard work and dedication my son would not have progressed as incredibly as he has since he began there. We couldn’t be more thankful or blessed for all they have and continue to do each day.”