Related Services

Our team of related service providers includes Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, and Speech/Language Pathologists. All therapists are NJ Licensed and hold NJ School Certification in their fields.

Therapists and classroom staff work collaboratively, forming a transdisciplinary team that fosters optimal academic learning through integrated therapy into the classroom. Occupational Therapists assess sensory, fine motor and perceptual skills to provide students with the tools they need to succeed in learning, communicating and independent functioning. The Physical Therapists focus on gross motor development and provide therapeutic services that include assessments and treatment techniques to foster mobility. Speech/Language Pathologists assess and address the feeding, oral motor and communication needs of our students. The transdisciplinary process has been developed over many years and has resulted in effective achievement of goals leading to improved functional independence, academic achievement and vocational opportunities.

Sensory rooms influenced by the Snoezelen philosophy ( are available in each school location, providing a variety of technology from lighted curtains to aromas and sounds. Individually designed programs provide the student with a calming or alerting experience to optimize their readiness for the classroom.

Assistive Technology Clinics for purchase and repair of mobility or ADL equipment are available with input from the therapy staff. We work with a variety of ATP (Assistive Technology Practitioner) certified wheelchair vendors and orthotists and provide guidance to the families in navigating the equipment system.

Rehab Technology personnel are on site daily to assist with any minor equipment repairs, build adaptive equipment, or modify existing equipment.