2021 LADACIN Virtual Plunge

2021 LADACIN Virtual Plunge

Event begins on
Saturday, January 16th
and runs through Saturday, January 30th

Participate from the comfort of your home
or wherever you are

Plunge in the snow, in the shower or kiddie pool, use a bucket, a garden hose or water balloons.
The possibilities are endless!

Get your teams together and be silly while getting chilly!

Contests and Prizes

For more information contact Cathy Claps at communityrelations@ladacin.org.


Please be responsible and safe with your Virtual Plunge!
You must exercise caution and personal responsibility in your Virtual Plunge activities. We cannot identify or control the risks of every Virtual Plunge activity and have not endorsed or approved as safe any particular activity. 

Do not do anything that could physically harm yourself or others. In previous years, it was safe to plunge in-person because we had emergency responders on site and in the water. We strongly discourage you from jumping into a large body of water. We are not responsible for any injuries that occur while participating in the Virtual Plunge. Additionally, we will not share photos or videos featuring dangerous or inappropriate behavior.

Have fun but most of all, BE SAFE. 

Event Sponsor

Tidal Wave Sponsor

Eleanor Twomey Charitable Trust

Deep Freeze Sponsor

Big Plunge Sponsors

Betty Ford Swim Club 
The Burbage Family
Richard Cino, Mary Hartnett, Elizabeth, Patrick and Cate
Mike and Maryanne Cohen
Marian and Liz Hartnett
Michael and Laura Hartnett
Bob and Eileen Keller
Manasquan Turkey Run
Pine Belt of Lakewood
Joseph J. Russell Jr., Esq. - Wilentz, Goldman & Spitzer, PA
World Insurance Associates

Big Splash Sponsors

J&J Mac
Sea Girt Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Assoc. 
Philip A. Tortoreti, Esq. - Wilentz, Goldman & Spitzer, PA
Monica and Guy Warnken
John and Maria Xenakis

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The Costigan Family
The Coughlin Family
Mary and Dan DeSoucey
Helena & Ken Hartnett