Annual Corporate Sponsorship Program

What is the Annual Corporate Sponsorship Program?

The Annual Corporate Sponsorship Program is a partnership between LADACIN Network and a participating Corporate Sponsor to advance the needs of infants, children, and adults with developmental and multiple disabilities. State and local funding do not keep pace with the cost of providing services to our infants, children, and adults with complex medical needs. Funding is needed to fill the gap between the basic cost of providing services and attaining excellence in providing these programs and services. We rely on the generosity of the community to fill these needs. In response, we offer an Annual Corporate Sponsorship Program which includes six levels of sponsorship:

Annual Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities

Premier Benefactor

Elite Benefactor


Elite Benefactor




Creating Partnerships

The challenges of the present and the future require that human service agencies like LADACIN Network make strong and lasting partnerships with corporate organizations. The Agency makes only one yearly request for the Corporate Sponsor’s financial support. In turn, the Corporate Sponsor is given premier recognition at three major fund raising events and complimentary seats/players for these events. They are also given special recognition in all Agency publications, recognition at all staff training events, and more.

The organizations shown below have graciously and unselfishly, through their generous gifts, agreed to advance the needs of infants, children, and adults with developmental disabilities and multiple physical disabilities in Monmouth and Ocean Counties.

Premier Benefactor ($25,000)
CWR Wholesale Distribution