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Welcome to LADACIN Network

Urgent Message to Parents of Adult Clients

(an acronym for Lifetime Assistance for Developmental and Challenging Individual Needs) is 
a non-profit agency whose mission is to provide a continuum of care, including educational, therapeutic, social, residential, and support services to infants, children and adults 
with complex physical and developmental disabilities or delays. 
Established in 1952, formerly known as Cerebral Palsy of Monmouth and Ocean Counties.

LADACIN Network now provides lifetime assistance to over 3,300 families in 15 facilities.

LADACIN Network seeks to maximize independence for individuals with developmental and multiple physical disabilities in the areas of...



functional skills

social skills

vocational skills and employment
by providing...

early intervention

child care

educational programs

adult day programs

physical, occupational and speech therapy

nursing support and social work services

lift-equipped transportation

vocational training and supported employment

personal assistant services

home health aide services and adult medical day care

family support and respite programs

barrier-free residential options for adults

assistive technology including augmentative communication, computer access adapted toys and switches,

electronic aids for daily living, seating, positioning, mobility, and work site modification

diagnostic clinics